Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nesting by Nature- Not Cause I Hate Ya

Okay so maybe I wouldn't make Naughty By Nature proud- maybe they'd be embarrassed by my dorky reference. Either way- the nesting bug is still pushing forward as it grows increasingly more difficult to lift myself off the floor/rug/couch- I'm still dragging forward.
Monday we took advantage of Zach's extra day off as he helped me better organize the amazingly-generous amount of baby clothing from 2 sister-in-laws, family, friends and thrifts. By size & season-I gave him a mini-tour of where I've stashed diapers,socks and the like. We also started discussing where the Christmas tree will go (YES!). The pack & play was put together, some little books & decorations were rediscovered and scootched around and there was some definite rocking chair sitting. There is an impending trip to Ikea at some point- as well as a trip to the baby store to get this. When we tried it on- we both really liked it.

Here is how my clipboard came out::::

(B&W picture of me & Santa, the sweater design- Zach made me for a mix tape years ago and other pretties)

I also started working on making some holiday gift tags. Every year I struggle with an eco-friendly way of making gift tags. Paper bags,recycled paper-newspaper comics- you get the point. Then I found these adorable- non-holiday specific tags from Fog & Thistle and I was hooked.

You can download and print them for free::: so I cut each one out then attached them to recycled Christmas cards to sturdy them up. Then I'll just hole punch them and string some ribbon through.Voila- Happy Holiday- gift tags.

Yesterday, I started my second collaged journal, this one for my nephew Mike. Zach gave me vintage Donald Duck & Spider-Man to cut up. Who knows what a 9 year-old boy likes these days! I hope he can enjoy it. Today I'll start one for my niece,Tallulah. Hers should be fun to make- she's a ballerina- likes princesses, mermaids the usual cute girl stuff. So I can bust out my fun stickers & scrapbooking extras. I am asking Zach to do the remaining boys (Max & Randall) for fear I just don't know what little boys like.( I already managed to put a SARK quote on my one nephew's journal- I can't be trusted!)

I can't believe I have 18 days till possibly meeting our baby! How exciting! I've been getting contractions here & there- but nothing to write home about. Thursday, I'll see my midwife and then hopefully go on the hospital tour with Z. I've been there before- but very early on in my pregnancy. So I'm excited to see it again. Monday Zach met with a police officer to have our car seat installation evaluated- the officer gave him an A+! He said Zach must have read the directions(which he so patiently did) because no ever does it right or uses this one buckle correctly. Seems he's on the road to being a great papa!

In Etsy land- our Littlest Stitch Kit has been featured in the Gift Guide for Crafters! How exciting!

Today I am determined to make a fleece and possibly a wool soaker to be used with cloth diapers. I've been researching them frantically- looking for the right cut & design. After finding a few shops on Etsy (where I purchased 2 fleece soakers) I'm ready to attempt my own. I'm just going to draft a pattern from a fitted pair of baby undie/bloomers I have and hope for the best. I'll let you know how that goes.

Well, have a great Wednesday and enjoy the autumnal weather and certain buzz of the holidays growing!


Christopher And Tia said...

Wow, you sure are busy!!

I've been thinking of where to put our Christmas tree as well, and I too just made a heap of recycled Christmas gift tags! We're two peas in a pod, you and me lady.

I'd love to see a picture of Hazels room btw <3

idyll hands said...

Congrats on being featured in the gift guides! That is a great feeling.

lolasmom said...

I remember going through the baby clothes...not long for you now!

Island Travel Girl said...

I am so excited I think I might pass out.

First, the ergo. You know it is made right down the road from me, right? (I think I told you that). It is the best baby carrier ever, and at 3 years old, Lucy still rides in it. There is a newborn insert - you don't need to buy it - but I would take a good look at it and then whip one up yourself....easy peasy.

Second - the tree. YES !!!! We can't wait to go get a tree with mom and Loup.

I am sorry to say I have another bag of stuff for you......I know, I know, you already have too much, but I can't help it.

Congrats on the gift guides ! Imiss you guys a bunch and can't wait to see you, and meet HAZEL! (Oh wait, have I mentioned that already ?)

UniqueNurseGranny said...

So many good cloothes from friends was always such a treat for me.