Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thoughtfulness of Friends

I have some very thoughtful friends. They made my wedding and my baby shower great and continue to surprise me with their thoughtfulness. My friend Sue this weekend brought me some adorable baby clothing and one of the best breast pumps on the market- for free. They were going to get donated on the tail-end of a consignment sale and she thought of me. All designer name-clothing of items not exactly in our budget( b/c what baby really needs a Ralph Lauren blanket at full price?) Now washed and folded and ready for being put away. I love a good bargain- and free is even sweeter!

Then she let me go through her woolly knitting stash and pick some hand-dyed wool.3 skeins of a lovely chocolate, some cream, a grey and a skein of autumnal acrylic. How nice of her! I hope that when she's ready for her first baby, I can be as helpful and thoughtful as she's been.

Some days I still feel dizzy and nauseous and I need to lie still or just relax. Some days I just want to be crafty and not move. For a small part of Wednesday- that was how I felt. So I took part in this::::

from the Small Object I put one in each journal I made so far- for the kids to decorate/color on their own. I'm going to cut these out and decorate either the tree, our inspiration line (which is yet to be hung) or make a small mobile. Coloring them was great relaxing fun!

For Jenny

For Mikey

For Lizzie

Have a great Thursday!

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