Monday, November 10, 2008

Confessions of a Fabric Maverick

(Sorry I just had to use that word)

Some days fabric jealousy seethes through my gut. I am so inspired by seeing fabric finds of others on blogs and Flickr- but of course I always wish (secretly) I found it first! Tee-hee! I know I'm terrible~"You're terrible Muriel".

:::With that said, I did find a few lovely things at our local shop the other day:

These were $4.00 and are smaller then an actual twin size quilt.Which made me think that using one would be perfect when the baby is older in her toddler bed. They're vintage- yet made from a fabric that *looks* like a quilt. Which reminds me of Denise Schmidt's new pre-made- lovely quiltey fabric. When I first saw these I was so excited I scapped one up - the one in better shape. Because I'm a crazy person- all I could think of was the other one I left behind and the possibilities it held (like a new quilted tote bag, pillows, soft blocks for baby... so I went back the next day.
I found this too ::::
A vintage (some of the fabrics really look very old)sheet full of 2-sided patchwork.It has a few tares, which I'll stitch up. I'm tempted to use it as a table cloth or split the two pieces and just start making, making, making. But I'm sentimental and don't have many of these things- so I may just hoard it and use it for a picnic blanket or baby blanket. It was a whopping 3 dollars!

The last thing I found were a pair of Dansko clogs(sorry I forgot to take a pic)::: for $7 bucks in my size, 10!! These things don't happen every day and they're hardly worn! They're not the cutest- but I don't have many brown shoes and I look forward to wearing them with toasty tights & thigh-high socks once the baby arrives and I can get my legs into such things.

Today Z is home, I like when he's home- the weekends go so fast. I'm also sure once the baby arrives we'll surely wonder if weekends still exist.

Saturday, this gorgeous gift arrived in our box:::

( picture was stolen from Jessica Jane's Flickr) It was one of the sweetest gifts we've received and to have an original of Jessica's is also very special. She is so very talented and inspiring. Thank you!!!
Well have a great Monday!


Victoria Ann said...

OMG I love those quilts ! i cannot believe how much you paid for them too! A lucky weekend and the little gorgeous birdie is something You are sure to treasure:)

madboodesigns x

Victoria Ann said...
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Christopher And Tia said...

That is the CUTEST little ornament ever!!!