Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Feelings of Hope

Amen~ We sat with eyes wide and butterflies in our stomachs... then I fell asleep and Z woke me saying "He won!". The feeling is just amazing- I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about. Being so close to change and knowing that when our bundle is born- maybe the country will be on a better path than it was just days ago. I'm so glad we did this- together! Thank you to everyone who knocked on doors, contributed time & money and helped people register! I can't believe it's over, yet just beginning!

With that said- This little girl and her friends are now in the shoppe!
Use them to decorate a tree or hang in your closet (moths hate lavender).

We took advantage of a great deal Venuszine was having- two months for the price of one!
I'm so proud of Zach b/c he learned how to make a animated gif for us! Yay!

Yesterday I made some banana bread, which came out quite possibly the tastiest I've ever made. This is the recipe I used. By time Zach arrived home almost half of the loaf had been eaten-silly Hazel- for making mama eat all the banana bread!

:::::::::Today I have many things to do- There is a pile of little girl ornaments waiting to be sewn and stuffed then photographed & listed. A large Rubbermaid full of holiday decorations- just screaming to get out. Piles of laundry, including a slew of cloth diapers. A bassinet and crib full of randomness and kitties who need vet appointments. Always something- hoping I can pull it all together- so Saturday I can make it to my cousin's wedding as maid of honor! Tummy don't fail me now!

Thank goodness the big picture is looking up!


MichellesCharmWorld said...

what a great blog you have here!!!

Kathleen said...

I'm definitely bookmarking that banana bread.

And I'm so happy about all of this hope. I was born during the Reagan administration, and my mom had a t-shirt that happily announced what his last day in office would be during his second term. So it makes me happy to think of Hazel, and of four whole years of babies, who are going to be born in a time when we're starting to head in a new direction that so many people are excited about.

Estela said...

I was glued to the tv last night! haha! It was amazing and I'm so happy we made this decision!