Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Go To Sleep You Little Baby

Lately, all I can sing is the song "Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby" by EmmyLou Harris, Allison Krauss and Gillian Welch from the O'Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack. That entire soundtrack is amazing- I hope Hazel will be able to appreciate old-timey music just like her parents. Especially b/c of her name. We named her after Hazel Dickens the wonderful old-timey banjo-picking musician. It just so happened that my father had an Aunt Hazel who he and his siblings were very fond of.

Today we visited the pediatrician's office - just for a weigh-in and H has gained 7 ounces since she was last weighed- totaling 7 pounds 6 1/2 ounces- she met her birth weight and gained 2 1/2 more ounces. The doc was very happy. H's stump on her tum-tum fell off as well.

During her morning sleepy time,I was able to work on a gift for someone who I know reads this- so I can't say much more. In the shop we added a new tote::::

I love the color! Gia Hottie is so wonderful! I still need to watch John Adams.

Breastfeeding is still happening and maybe getting a little easier if I dare to say at times. But we still have an order of Earth's Best organic formula on the way.

Tomorrow we'll be on the road for most of the day and Friday Z will be home with us. I'm so happy for the three of us to be together in our cozy little home. I do hope it snows on Friday- just like the weatherman promised.

I'm looking forward to :::::

Receiving holiday cards in the post~

Christmas Eve with my family this year~

Seeing all of the kids open their gifts~

Dressing Hazel(for Christmas Eve) in an adorable party dress my sister got her~

Snow, snow, snow

The next season of Damages and Law & Order w/ Jeff Goldblum (sorry had to have a tv show on the list)

Have a wonderful one- as the days pass I hope you're getting closer to the holiday magic!


DeeJay said...

So sweet. Love your Mommy Posts.


Oh my God, I love old timey music!! :D I only know I love the sound of folky old americana music, I can't say that I know names and stuff. I think it's great that Hazel is named after Hazel Dickens (who I looked up!)