Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mrs. Saturday Night

So this is motherhood. A quick hot bath- accompanied by Jasper perched outside the tub, while I read Parents magazine. A papa who was so beat- he fell asleep feeding H in our rocker and a pile of adorable board books (thank you friends)and a stack of freshly-sewn breast pads. I realized I needed to get serious with the breast pads- when I sent Z to do laundry and he came back with only 1 pad. Rocks in my bra- you say? Luckily a plethora of baby washcloths were near by. Needless to say I'll be sporting some sweet pads now- made from various flannels and cotton batting.

Christmas is so close- with orders still coming in- I've been trying to find time to work Hobocamp as well as snuggle with Hazel & Zach and finish gifts.

Then there are all those thoughts of freshly-baked cookies?! that Zach assures me we'll have plenty of time to make. But who can focus, when this cuteness is in the house? I could stare at her all day and I'm sure she hates the noise my camera makes when trying to slyly turn it on. We're blessed and so happy for our little family.
Have a great day


DeeJay said...

There is nothing more important than the cuteness. That's Ms. Cuteness to you. And you too

Christopher And Tia said...


You and your cute family make me happy.