Monday, December 15, 2008

The Jonas Brothers & Other Matters

I'm too old to *like* the Jonas Brothers, but I do know of them. When I first became pregnant- I let my hair grown longish ( the longest it has been since forever)- but then w/ my tummy issues I just didn't want to deal with it- so I got it chopped to a pixie. Now that it is growing again, I have my natural hair color which I haven't had since I was like 10.. plus a few grays. But the style- the cut- the look is very young boy band and the Jonas Brothers came to mind. How ridiculous I am! I think it is time to pull out the henna and the red nail polish and shine myself up a bit for the holidays!

On the Christmas front, We have gift bags left over from my shower- which are housing the various gifts we've made/purchased. Two boxes one headed to Maui (happy birthday Max!) the other for the US VI. Jasper still insists on checking on the tree daily and drinking the water- along with his partner-in-crime, Hermione.

On the baby front, Hazel is doing well. Yesterday was a bit of a crap shoot- as we've been searching for Earth's Best Organic formula- but apparently it sells out quickly. So a jaunt to Amazon is needed. The preemie clothing my mother bought us- she has already outgrown and she's slowly growing into the newborn stuff. Today she is 2 weeks old-hooray! We're so happy to have her here!

The holidays are gaining on us- enjoy and stay crafty!

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queenvanna said...

what a fun time in your life, even if you are a closet jonas brother fan - you are, i know it!!!

and your updated banner is FANTASTIC. love it!!