Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Long Week Ahead

Thursday in the wee hours we'll be en route to Long Island as my Godfather and favorite Uncle passed away on Saturday. I hate to bring a newborn into such a situation- but there really is no better way. Zach will have H in the sling while I am able to visit with family. We will miss him dearly- he had piercing blue eyes- just like my dad does and a sweet smile to match. I'm happy he was able to see my cousin down the isle this past fall (the wedding I had to miss due to my IBS).

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only mama to not want to take a nap while baby naps- so I can make sure she's still breathing and everything is working. This sounds crazy- I'm sure.

Monday we went on our first stroller walk around the neighborhood. The sidewalks were a little rocky and at some points there were no sidewalks at all and I needed to push her up a mound of grass, but H didn't seem to mind.

Yesterday she was 2 weeks old and the already, slightly stubborn girl(she could get this trait from either one of us) decided to celebrate by not sleeping a wink! Luckily Papa Oat was working from home today- so we both shared the midnight- 4 am feedings.

Our decision to order a batch of screen printed Milkshake shirts has been a success. We have only ladies sizes left at this point. Perhaps we'll have to revisit another limited run again in the spring.

We were featured Craft Friendly- Southern Illinois Blog yesterday- how exciting!

I keep saying how amazed I am that Christmas is next week. I guess because just as I feel I am getting ahead- how ahead can one get when it is next week? If I were finished in June- saying I was getting ahead may be more accurate. But it is what it is. Some decorations didn't make it up, some projects never created, some things completely lost!

Tomorrow I am solo with H. I'm growing more comfortable- but still scared like hell over every little cough-spit up- heavy breath. I suppose it does get easier?
Hope you have a great day!


Loree said...

Two things:

1) I think I'd totally be the same re: naps. I'm too much of a worrier! I only get two or so hours of sleep when I'm stressed due to work and school, so I can only imagine how I'd be with a little one to worry over.

2) Random Fact: Carbondale (where that SI blog is based) is about an hour-plus from my hometown--Paducah, KY.


Most new moms are like that! :D I couldn't believe they actually let me walk out of the hospital with this new little human! :D I couldn't fathom that they were so sturdy and that a million things couldn't and wouldn't just stop working on the little thing, lol!
Oh, and I was so nervous being alone with my girl for the first few times!
Have a great day :)

queenvanna said...

my children are 2 and almost 4, and i check them at least twice every night... and i worry when the baby sleeps in. i suppose i'm less neurotic than i used to be, but i'm still a worry-wart. i think that's a part of being a good mom ;)