Saturday, December 27, 2008


All things have a rhythm- sometimes the hardest part is finding it . H is coming on her 1- month birth-aversary, which I can't damn believe! So many things have changed- but some have remained the same. There are new challenges and worries and moving from coupledom-familydom. But I like the thought of us moving- graduating to a different level of what feels right for us.

Other changes or talk of change has been discussed with my sewing machine and new life path ( mama) in mind::: I've been contemplating changes for hobocamp- one even being a possible name change. I've always loved being associated with Strangers W/ Candy show- which is where our name originates from- but lately I've been thinking a switch might do us all good. New year- new designs-new, well new!

So I'm throwing ideas around- bouncing them off of my partners in crime. I'll let you know when we've made any decisions.

Our Christmas & Christmas Eve and thereafter was a whirl of friends & family - sweet treats-yummy foods- and of course beautiful gifts. This being Hazel's first Christmas our families really treated her lovely. A mixture of handmade baby gifts, beautiful classics and new favorites. We even received 2 parcels from lovely- talented Etsyians,
Pollyanna Cowgirl and
Orangutan Belly filled with gorgeous goodies!

With the new year on it's way I've purchased our black-eyed peas and collard greens
(for a prosperous-good luck year)- and Hazel has a fabulous sparkly sweater to wear thanks to Grandma T.

In the last month here is what I've learned:::::::
- wait till you hear a few squirts- if you change the baby's diaper too fast- there could be problems!

- breastfeeding does come easier when you just relax and don't think of it ( although I still have much difficulty)

-using formula won't make me a terrible mother nor will I have a terrible child

- going to bed at 9pm with my newborn and my husband IS quality family time

-always carry plastic baggies in your diaper bag

These are just a few things I've picked up over the last 4 weeks.. more to come I know.

A few pictures of gifts, our growing girl and such~

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