Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Feet

Happy Feet, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

These little socks just make me smile. Zach's father sent them to us. Every time I put them on Hazel I just smile.

Not much to report. I didn't get any sewing accomplished this weekend, but I did clean up my work station. Monday a few friends are coming by to pay H and I a visit.- So I wanted the apt. to look half way decent.

Tonight we gave H her first real bath. Complete with a hair washing and all. She did great- aside from the clench fist in the air the entire time.. Bath Power anyone?

I'm hoping to find time to cut out & pin together some coffee cuffs new for the winter. Zach will be back home- this being his last week so I want to take advantage of that.

We received so many awesome holiday gifts- I'm in awe. But the holiday goes by so fast, the snow has started melting and turning to a dirty slush,our poor little tree has become so brittle- the branches are all sagging over and it has lost it's luster up close. Thankfully there are more wintry days ahead- I so look forward to the snow. Our next purchase or maybe we can make one(?) will be a bird feeder for outside the window. The cats love watching the birds and we get a wonderful group of cardinals and bluejays.. so feeding them is ideal.

Well I should try for bed- then I'll be up around 12:30 with a hungry little one.

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Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

Hey, I had mastitus alot with my first son. It's awful to get that fever and hurts so much!

I made way too much milk, and had a few troublesome spots in my milk ducts. Kept getting infections(and antibiotics), until my naturopatic doctor and midwife gave me collective advice: roll over regularly at night so the milk doesn't pool up. Take a shower and do a breast massage each morning, looking for any milk lumps forming from the night (massage them out gently). And I had a topical and herbal formula to take at the first sign of a breast infection. Then it eased off.

KEEP NURSING!!!! You are a great mama and it'll all work out once you get further along.