Monday, December 29, 2008

Self Portrait as a Mother

Self Portrait as a Mother, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

So I'm still listening to Christmas music- like it is my job and I gt paid for it. I usually stop after New Year's and start around October/ November... sometimes even August if I'm feeling especially nostalgic. Every year we download some new holiday songs and old favorites we just don't own. One of my latest favorites is Frosty the Snowman by Fiona Apple. She's just so awesome and although her version is similar to the original her little spin just rocks!

Now I know why getting a chance to take a shower as a new mom is golden. I've been lucky that Zach is around and that I have had some help from my mom. But when I'm alone I have to wait till H falls asleep- which today was around 11ish. So this shot was taken before my bath. I wheel her bassinet into the hall so it is half in the bathroom with me. Sounds crazy I'm sure... but it works. Then the kitties fight over who will sit underneath it.

I was able to cut some coffee cuff "guts" out today. A deal was made with Zach for tomorrow- I'll have extended studio time for the day! He'll take care of Hazel and I can put my headphones on and work on some new pieces for the shoppe. What a lovely deal.. hey wait he didn't shake on it though!

The girls came by and we chatted for a few hours- it was nice of them to come across the county and one passing over state lines to see us. Hazel spent the night on Jaime's lap- but of course as everyone left she woke up.

I'm so tired at this point. Up since 4:30 with no shut eye. I hope tonight is a little better.

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