Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our Own Pace

(Boy how I wish these came in a size 10!)

So today I met with another lactation consultant. I think it went very well and really felt as if we made some progress.Although now Hazel seems to be pulling off very soon into our last few feedings. It is all so new. I think I'm still getting use to the idea of who she is and that we won't brake her when we pick her up or position her for a feeding. The part that makes me scared and a little sad is that now- Zach won't be feeding her and I know he enjoyed giving her a bottle and connecting. The scary part is that I'm her main source of nourishment. But I know we'll get the swing of things.

Aside from baby,baby,baby- there was a little gift wrapping and putting presents under the tree. We ran some errands and will be settling in for a possible good TV night and some quiche for dinner. I made the quiche during my 12-hour- at home- labor stint on Monday- between my contractions. (then froze it). A stop at the post to mail out some of my embarrassingly -behind orders and finding a Garfield Christmas on TV. I had no clue till I was discharged that they ask you don't drive for 6 weeks! For real? No Wait, Really? Well I'm trying to stick with it. I did break down and drive to the pharmacy one night and was sorely sorry.

Tomorrow marks the first day back to work fr Zach. My mom is going to come over and help out and Thursday will be my first actual alone day with H. Then he'll be taking days off and working from home till the new year- so I'll have him around on a more regular basis.

Our advent stockings have been a source of little giftings each day and sometimes more than one a day (when I can't wait till the next day for Z to open his). We want to get a camcorder- so this year - that is what we're giving each other. We also started a new tradition of making each other an ornament.

(the pink one was made for Z by his mom- when he was a kid,the purple from me for Hazel and the brown one from Zach for me)

Well have a great Tuesday/Wednesday xo



Hey! I remember those days! You know, I don't know how exactly your breastfeeding road is going but I'd like to let you know that I could never get the hang of it (and I had my heart set on it and so did everyone else it seems) and I have to say that I really struggled with it and in that emotional state a new mom can be in, well I wish someone would have just said, it's okay if you can't, because my experience was horrible. I just felt that the lactation people never considered my emotional state. Of course breast milk is best but not if things are very difficult and the mother (me at the time ) was an emotional wreck! I should have written a letter afterwards because I felt that they only pushed breastfeeding and looking back it would have saved me a lot of trauma, to me and my daughter.

idyll hands said...

You will totally get the hang of everything! I love the advent calendar. I need to make sure and do that next year... that and make some quiche :)

pollyanna cowgirl said...

I watched some of a Garfield Christmas too! I forgot all about his great relationship with Jon's grandma. :) So awesome.