Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And Now For Something a Little Different...

Because I'm a dork and love all things autumnal I almost bought this cute little sign at Joann's that said "welcome" with a black cat and a leaf. But then I realized I didn't need it and could make something similar so I made this:

I also finished the very different- type of patchwork quilt for baby. I don't have quilters in my family and I am not a huge perfectionist.. so traditional quilting seems too difficult for me. Here is my version of a cute little quilt. (P.S. The old-school satin blanket binding is a pain-in-the-but to work with and I doubt I'll ever use it again- there was serious bunching going on- but overlook that, please!) Here are some pics:

In with the mail, Netflix (Thumbsucker), was a Land's End catalogue. Drool. I know what you're thinking drool? Um yes, I love something about their simple, classic, cozy clothing. I love mixing it with my own handmade or handmade of others and vintage. It is a good base for me and affordable and sometimes kinda funky. It also fills my need for cozy-living in Maine or Vermont or upstate NY-running a coffee shop or farm-artist-dream lifestyle. Um yeah. Oh and fleece is kinda the coolest for keeping toasty. Plus, these awesome shoes come in concord grape- which I kinda need! Plus the clothing is perfect attire for apple-pumpkin picking-hiking etc! Plus they're paying me to say this. I'm joking!

But if they did wanna pay me these shoes would suffice!

One of my latest couch endeavors is knitting myself a scarf for the season. I'm using a lightweight wool in a grass green on number 10s. A simple knit scarf in one of my favorite colors.I'm also still working on the pinky-wool mix for baby.

Yesterday, afternoon while organizing all of the baby clothes I watched Pirates of the Carribean for the first time. I'm the kind of person who strays from big blockbusters and things when they're super popular (hence the 4-year hiatus), but I figured it was time. I actually enjoyed it for the most part. I realized we have a ton of day clothing(dresses,pants outfits etc.) in sizes newborn-6 months. With some 9-24 month and a couple of 2-t pieces. Either way babies come with a lot of stuff!

Last night I recovered the inspiration board in my studio(with a leafy-acorn fabric) and put fabric on the new one for the kitchen.I chose a funky, brightly-colored canvas in retro.I wanted a place to organize recipes,meal planning & party invites. While I did that Z traced a new pattern for a dress. The dress is very simple and smock-like, which I thought would be versatile for the little hobocamper soon-to be in our lives!

Well I just got back from a haircut and a trip to the thrift store, who was having a $5.00 fill a bag SALE! What great items I got! I'll be sharing soon~


Woodmouse said...

Love the quilt, I love all the details on it, especially the seahorse! You should enter it in's baby quilt contest. :)

queenvanna said...

the quilt is fantastic.

and get the shoes, and tell me how you like them. cuz i'm probably gonna get the red ones anyway!! =D