Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mom's Birthday

Some new Cuffs to be added this coming week!

So I've been tagged, by the lovely
Jessica Jane
Let's see if I have this right, 7 Facts About Me... hmmm.

#1 On my first date with Zach, I was 10-15 minutes late. When I finally arrived I tried making jokes ( which I pride myself on being funny) and he didn't laugh. Then we went to see the movie MONSTER, with Charlize Theron, I kid you not. Afterwards, Zach asked if I wanted too get a coffee, I said sure. He promptly dropped me off at my car and said goodbye and drove away. He says he was nervous and forgot about the coffee offering. He also says he's amazed I gave him a second chance lol!

#2 Whenever I refer to "getting a coffee" it usually means a chai or hot cocoa, not usually coffee. But I say it anyhow.

#3 When surprises are involved, I'd rather not know a thing about them, otherwise I will beg and harass the person closest to me about details.

#4 When I was younger, I went through a holiday season, where I would unwrap, then re-wrap my Christmas presents- to see what was under the tree. Proof of #3

#5 Now that I seem like such a brat.. I once hit my older brother over the head with a bald Cabbage Patch Doll- in my defense, he threw a book at me.

#6 Sometimes I eat fake bacon and maple syrup sandwiches.

#7 I am a terrible speller, it took me 3 tries before I spelled maple right!

I'm tagging: Suzi, Ursula & Olive, Dee Jay, Papa Oat,
Marilyn/Pulp Sushi and I can't think of anyone else- I'm sorry!

Last night during the presidential debate,Zach pinned together 2 buntings for me. One was 5 yards long the other was 3. Here I am stitching them up. One I'm giving to my mom for our baby shower (next week- no surprise see #4), the other is hanging in our living room and we'll keep for birthday adventures. We had planned to go apple picking- but instead we'll have a little intimate coffee, tea & cake party with mom, dad, Zach and I. I'm just excited to give her, her gift!
Have a great weekend~

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