Monday, September 29, 2008

I Couldn't Help Myself

With one of our baby showers scheduled for this Saturday (I'm super excited to see so many familiar faces in one place, the last thing I needed to do was shop), plus I've started receiving a few virtual Etsy Shower Gifts!

However,Saturday night while browsing Etsy (yes, this is apparently what some pregnant women do) I found the Scrappy Grasshopper shop. I was amazed by their adorable kid gear and great prices.. so you see why I didn't stand a chance?
here is what I nabbed: This adorable jumper

and who could resist this hat?

So simple, yet super cute! But I've been doing pretty well considering... I've made a ton of burp cloths and have so many cute hand-me-down outfits or thrifted outfits for baby- buying a few actual *new handmade* things is just for good measure.

Now on to the handmade gifts we've received.
From Toni at , Tweedlebee I received a lovely patchwork squeek/crinkle toy. Perfect for carrying in the car or stroller, in a gorgeous mix match of reds.

The second gift that arrived was from Amie at Modest Milk. She sent me a gorgeous binky holder with a matching Milk clip- which turns any fabric, blanket or towel into a private nursing cover, along with a set of chocolate brown cupcake nursing pads!

What lovely gifts for a first-time mother! I was really touched by the level of interest from these Etsyian women- so thank you!

At home, this is what I've been working on. Not for sale, but for the baby's wall of embroidered & fabric hoops.

I re purposed an old Flax dress and used the linen to embroider. The patchwork was given to me by Zach's grandmother. I'm not sure if she did it or her mother or whom. I re purposed most of it (it was some sort of seat cover)and made a stuffed cat for baby and now this. The clothesline was fun to do, the pink is suppose to be a little bunny. It was inspired by a Japanese fabric I purchased a while back.
Well there is a lot to do- I just need the motivation!
Happy Monday!


Christopher And Tia said...

I too got something fantastic from TweedleBee yesterday!!

Also, that acorn hat... awww!!

jessicajane said...

love the hoop you made for the wall! too cute, love the bunny on the clothesline :)

La Alicia said...

your baby's nursery is going to be too freakin' cute -- the baby gear you snagged is also great -- that little baby doesn't know how much it is already loved! :) congratulations!