Friday, September 5, 2008

So I made it out yesterday and managed to find a cute little hairstylist at Super Cuts! I've always been a short-haired girl- I feel it just suits my personality more and I feel prettier. So when you've gained 20+ pounds and have been confined to couch activities you need a little " pretty-pretty" as Tyra would say- cause I've had it with pretty-ugly!

Speaking of pretty-pretty, check these two adorable items out:

They're from Knittin 4 U,
available here
Just fantastic!
Last night, I made my first bib. Flannel on one side cotton on the other. It can be used reversible. I also made my first shift- dress for baby.. I'm still working on the piping. Pics to come! Hope you have a great day~


queenvanna said...

for a gal who isn't feeling very good, you sure are getting stuff accomplished!!! and the new-doo is YOU!! =D

Marilyn P. Sushi said...

What a cute cut!

idyll hands said...

Very cute new hairdo.

DeeJay said...

Love the hat!!!