Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pretty Paper~

(Here I am, getting ready to ride the rails and go south for the winter!)

Is it really too early to listen to holiday music? Pretty Paper by Willie Nelson snuck into my i-tunes today and it just made me smile. That has to be worth something, right?

Wednesday was spent doing laundry and discussing upcoming plans with mom. I peddled my basket bag full of my latest creations- mostly burp clothes to my parents. As usual they were supportive and happy to see me keeping busy and staying positive betwixt the stomach horrors. Yesterday for the most part was a great tummy day! I had forgotten my camera at home and left one of my 35 sized needles at my parent's house... so I think I might start another project.

Knitting has become my couch solace. The basket of random skeins has started to slightly wither, due to my ridiculous wrap and other kooky projects. Since I'm such a knitting novice, I use patterns from a book for 10 year olds. It is actually a Klutz book. When I worked at Barnes & Noble, my awesome boss passed it along b/c it was missing a few pieces and she, a wonderful knitter knew I was very basic knitter and the book was going to get thrown away. I've had it for years and love the basic-no math required-projects.

A trip to the library ended in a bag full of goodies to read,peruse and covet. Some of the titles that landed in my tote were,
B is for Baby,
Weekend With the Kids (which seems to be available for perusal through Google books),
Feeding the Whole Family and
Quilts. All inspiring reads to get me thinking of holiday projects.

I've packaged up my Virtual Baby Shower Gift and received my new winter coat
in the mail. It is a little big, I left room for growing in the next few weeks and for wearing warm sweaters.

Today I'm planning on making some bibs to be listed in my shop as well as some coffee cuffs and other handmade cuteness.

Have a great day!

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kim* said...

a new winter coat, lovely. you are set!