Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weekly Doings

I made some Sweet Potato Pie on Monday, this was my first time making it. I may have overloaded the pie tin a little bit. I also tried to make a crust out of oats- but it turned more into a crumble of sorts. But it is still pretty tasty! I used this recipe. I liked that it called for boiling the sweet potatoes with the skin on. Although time consuming to then peel them off, they come off much easier when cooked with your hands, then they do with a peeler when uncooked.

Yesterday, I did a little curtain switch-a-roo. A larger curtain we used to divide a room in our old place- fit perfectly in our kitchen window. Lemons.. The fabric is vintage and I found several yards a year ago at one of my favorite thrift stores. I use it sparingly. For the door window, I used half of an old apron- my mom gave me years ago. There were a few spots so I put some cute little patches over them.

I wonder what the baby will think of this little place we live in. Zach is so easy going he lets me decorate however I want,my little stones, leaves and other special finds. We're both fans of yard sales, thrift stores & the-like, I hope she doesn't mind.

I've been making cuffs to stock in the shop and listing them like crazy! Zach came home with a new longer computer wire for the laptop- so believe it or not I'm more productive now that I can sit comfortably on the couch! I used the recycled flannel pillowcase, this adorable Japanese clothesline and a Lady Player dice flannel. Working with flannel print makes me happy. I've gotten half-a-dozen Joann's coupons in the last week or so, I may have to stop in and get some fleece & flannel. Yum!

As I will still be pregnant in November and possibly the begining of December ( oh Lord) I'll need a proper winter coat.. Anyone have any ideas of an affordable place for a preggo to get a winter coat? I've been thinking about checking my favorite thrifts to look for a fashionable men's coat that I can either alter (i.e. take in, applique, tie a cute belt) or an actual maternity winter coat. But I haven't had any luck yet. I did find a few dresses I'm swooning over, maybe for a shower or fancy schmancy preggo dinner party.

Motherhood Maternity

A Pea in the Pod

Old Navy Maternity

Well have a lovely day. I have some projects to work on and a possible thrift store trip.


Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

Sorry i don't have suggestions for a coat, but those dresses sure are pretty. :)

Christopher And Tia said...

Lady, me too!! I'm not sure that I want to spend much money on a stylish maternity coat, since I won't be pregnant all winter long. You'd think it doesn't get that cold in Texas, but I remember 6" of snow last Thanksgiving, so it sure does happen. If you find a good deal on one, let me know. And I'll do the same for you ;)