Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Some new, reversible bibs for baby Oat. A little embroidery project I made for myself and a simple embroidered carrot bib for baby. Making baby things are kind of addictive!
A new wallet. I feverishly made it the other night, before picking Zach up at the train. It has almost everything I want- I need to make a little spot for my license etc, b/c the one pocket they would need to stand up straight. But there is a cute pocket for business cards, I can carry my checkbook and even the $1.00 bill that usally lives in my wallet. Made from vintage fabrics.

Now a weird story. We get soliciters, we live in an apt. complex and I guess people just park and go door to door. Weird & annoying. Today this guy knocked- I figured it was matinence about a leak we were having. Anyhow I need to get presentable, b/c I was in my slip and had been munching on onion dip lol. When I said just a sec, the guy laughed and said "Oh I like your talking door" ( which I can only imagine he was refering to me speaking to him through the door) When I opened it he then said "don't shoot, your neighbor said you guys were friendly and I'm talking to people for my communications contest"- with that I promptly said -" thank you, but I'm not interested" and closed the door. He wasn't familiar looking, I was half-dressed and I hate communicating with strangers at my door. Still I felt sort of like a meany... Maybe it was a high school or college class? Maybe he lives in the development ( although I've never seen him) or Maybe he's a crazy. I probably should have asked a little bit more info... but I didn't.

But maybe sometimes it is okay to go with your instincts. It just felt weird. Who goes door to door unless your a politician, selling something or giving out religious materials or trick or treating? (he wasn't wearing a costume) When I lived in the city, I'd like to think it was my instincts that kept me safe and continue to do so. I think sometimes as women we don't want to upset someone or hurt their feelings, so we do things that make us feel uncomfortable. I learned fast when I would ride the subway every day, if I didn't like the looks of someone or some situation sitting next to me or in my car- I moved. I didn't worry about their feelings after awhile, I worried about being safe. Sorry for the rant~ but such is life- series of strange happenings.
All you can do is trust your gut.

With that I say- trust your gut and visit our shoppe. I think I just exploited myself for a Sale.

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