Thursday, September 11, 2008

Figuring it out at my own pace

Well I am usually the last to know about most things, celebrities breaking up,parties being planned, my underwear showing- you know the usual. So I bring you one of my new(to me) favorite blogs,
Gala darling's Icing Blog. Okay so her blog & life is utterly addictive and she's like a cute little pixie with a tough side. I wanna put hr in my pocket and let her whisper funny things to me all day! Please check her out! She also sells super-cute cupcake merchandise, which I think I am going to need to purchase!

Yesterday, I borrowed SICKO, from the library. A documentary
by this guy and was amazed and scared as we should all be. All I will say is, if you haven't seen this- go rent it. Even if you don't agree with him, there are still some very interesting ideas & truths he shares. It also shows the way our tolerance has really changed as citizens over the years. When I worked as a case manager in the Bronx, I was working with formerly homeless adults. It was pretty sad to hear how some of them we're treated by other people at the clinics and hospitals. As if because they had fallen on hard times- they didn't deserve to be treated like humans. I urge you to check it out- you can always turn it off!

I love this color combo.. I also don't own anything monogramed and think it would be dorky-cool to do so. I'm jealous of my husband's monogramed bag that has been kicking around our station wagon for some time now. It's full of maps,jumper cables and other car necessities, like Country Living.

Although I did treat myself to the concord purple maryjanes(which have been rerouted and will hopefully arrive soon?!) I spoke of a few weeks ago, so I'll have to wait.

This weekend has a list. A list which is filling up fast with things to do, places to go & gather and of course some down time.

I've started drinking these protein drinks,
Angel Milk to help with what I may be losing due to stomach issues. They're really yummy! So far I've had Chocolate & Caramel Latte ( which I stupidly didn't realize had decaf in it- so I am holding off on it till after the pregnancy)

I finally finished a trade with the lovely, Tia of Christopher & Tia fame.
I was so backed up and still kind of am with custom orders- so when her lovely cards arrived- I knew I needed to get my bum in gear! This is what I made her. ( if you're reading Tia, I hope you like it!) I've never made a keychain like this- I kinda winged it!

My next customer order is to find a POM glass so I can then make a coffee cuff for it. I was so thrilled to hear how eco-friendly one of my customers was.

This weekend we have our first of two (6 hour long) Lamaze classes. I have a feeling that we'll be wishing we would have just gone the every other weekend route, rather than the 2 weekends in a row deal. At least they'll be serving up a continental breakfast and Zach will get to see the hospital & birthing center we'll be staying at in November. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was nervous and kind of scared. But I also think some of my tummy troubles and meeting-new-people anxieties are coming out. But it can't be all bad.. I can at least bring my pillow. How many awkward situations allow for that?

Have a great weekend~

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queenvanna said...

i ordered the red shoes yesterday morning. i was down and decided i wanted a little treat for myself. =)

i have a bag similar to one of those - and i monogrammed it myself - how is that for extra-special dorky-cool?!?