Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kick, Kick, Kick

So that is what baby Oat does these days. When I sing Waltzing Matilda aka Tom Traubert's Blues in the tub, she kicks, kicks, kicks. When I'm sewing away at the machine she kicks.. but when Papa Oat puts his hand on my belly she knows.. she's already playing her Papa and sits still! Silly little baby!

(me at 30 weeks- looking like a gypsy!)

Last night I worked feverishly on knitting my crazy wrap, the one on size 35 needles. I've started 4 new skeins of yarn so far there are something like 10 various skeins involved so far. It is a great way to get rid of leftover random skeins and at the end I'll have a super colorful fall wrap, that I hope I can actually wear!

(Fuel for my creativity- vegan hot cocoa w/ Fluff and browsing this lovely book)

I also worked on a few more pages in my Baby Oat scrapbook. I've finished the Grandparent's page, the kitty sibling page and started a September page. Instead of documenting the entire pregnancy, I've decided to capture pictures throughout and the last 3 months I'll focus on. I'm sure Zach thinks I'm crazy,but like collage- this is sooo relaxing. I know I'm not some scrapping master- but I enjoy the process and choosing the "just right" sticker or font.

Today I am going to try and make a visit to my parent's house. This Saturday is my mom's birthday. I'm so excited to give her, her handmade gift as well as a special purchased one. Both in her favorite color! I'll also be passing on the silver box with a few notes and things inside. The box (which is actually circular) gets passed on between the women in our family with little notes etc. inside. I think my mom read a story at some point or someone in my family did about a tradition of passing along this little silver box with a special note. I've had this one for YEARS without passing it on, so now it is time!

The fall weather is indeed here. Sock weather is among us! I'm so happy! As much as I love baring my toes in flipflops and other random shoes, I love my ever-growing funky sock collection. I been pulling out my scarves & washing them in Dr. Bronner's Rose infused soap. They all smell really good. Maybe today I'll bring some laundry to my folk's house and hang it on the line~ I love that.

Have a wonderful- restful- creative day!



Debra said...

I think you look great!!!
Isn't it fun to feel the little one....

Kathleen said...

Mmm, that hot chocolate looks amazing.

And yay for scrapbooks! My mom isn't the scrapbooking type (and I don't know if people really did scrapbooking in the 80s in the amazing ways they do now), but I know how much I loved looking at photo albums when I was a kid, so your baby is already totally lucky. <3

Yay for fall weather, too. Taking out the scarves sounds like a good idea.

jessicajane said...

thsoe needles are huge! Haha.

Thats too cute baby oat tricking daddy already!

I tagged you on my blog, but dont feel obligated to reply!

Christopher And Tia said...

Oh my gosh look at how big that baby belly is getting!! It seems like just yesterday you had a teeny tiny bump. Awwww, you looks so great <3