Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rainy Day

A new knitting bag of Hello Kitty or should I say Hello Knitty?! A great piece of chocolate brown fleece with adorable owls and lollipop trees. A recycled pair of pink- seersucker pants to fit the little one, eventually. I envision little knee patches! Lastly a lovely colored handmade, vintage zip dress. The colors are wonderful. I don't think it'll fit me, so I may either try and sell it or reconstruct it.

The rain hasn't let up, but I must confess- I love the rain. Today is a birthday party for my niece (3) and nephew (9), their birthdays are close together. I missed going. I woke early, made some vegan- ibs friendly foods (lasagna,pumpkin pie & French onion dip) then by noon- I was on a downward slope of tummy issues. So Zach is there now, with our family- taking pictures for me. Not exactly how I had hoped to spend Saturday- especially when I heard my nieces were wearing matching polka-dot dresses!

Last night we went to Ikea and purchased our crib (they were sold out before! and only had 8 available) in addition to that we grabbed an area rug for my studio nook and a few odds & ends. Still not sure that the area rug will work- so it might be a return.
After our trip, we started Pirates of the Carribean 3 lol, I also stitched up 2 new pillow covers for our bedroom. I used some leftover yellow polka-dot fabric that I had used on the changing table panels so it'll kind of be matchy- but not matchy-matchy.

Two adorable yards of fabric I purchased from
Lemon Tree Studio
Apples & owls oh autumnal spread. Speaking of autumnal the kettle is screeching, my mug has a peppermint tea bag and I think I'm going to nom some pumpkin pie.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend- by couch light, candlelight or sunlight~

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I love the Hello Kitty bag!