Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The world is but a canvas to the imagination- Henry David Thoreau

In that case- I should have an amazing imagination! I guess I let some of my creativity cut into my organizational skills. Oh how I wish the two could be friends, instead of arch enemies. I'll have to tackle that one a little later.

I hope you're enjoying my new banner. Thanks Papa Oat! We'll see if PAPA sticks for the baby. My niece calls my dad, Poppi. too cute!

Last night, after enjoying some delicious veggie sushi & watching the premiere of Fringe- I started a new scarf. I'm using a thin wool on both- a-pea-grass-green and a raspberry. The green is a different skein, but same color as the scarf I was talking about here here. Well I decided to give the original all green scarf to my mom for her birthday, later this month and just start a new one for myself, mixed with raspberry-wool- Zach & his mom picked out.

Sunday night Zach pulled out one of our Halloween decoration boxes. So, naturally I've started decorating the apartment. I need to take some pics. We've collected a good amount over the years. It might be a tad early, but after Halloween I start getting ready for wintry/Christmas so I need to start now- you see?
My mom gave me this piece:

In our home we try to get as much organic produce & products as possible. But at the same time I am a HUGE fan of coupons. If you go directly to
Seventh Generation's website and sign up, you can get coupons for a good amount of their products- totally cool! With that I wanted to share an article from The Daily Green on 5 Ways to Save With Organics. They send daily news on environmental info, politics, food, medication- it is really a well-rounded newsletter. I've really been enjoying it.

Another great newsletter I receive is from Vegetarian Times. The recipe of the week is a Potato, Pea & Couscous Hash. It sounds delicious and can be adapted for meat-eaters if need be.

Finally a few corners from our home:

Sorry for the glare. The My Little Ponies, were mine- hence the missing tails & mussed hair. We've washed them & conditioned their hair ( no joke) but they're still a little old looking. The Care Bears, washed up much easier. Of course these will eventually be for Baby Girl Oat. The last shot is of her wall by the changing table, which has turned into a gallery of thrift-store finds, handmade fairytales & special pieces. Note: the bear illustrations were too cute to pass up. They came in little brown frames- 3 pics bear with friends, bear with mama & bear with papa for $5.00 at Ikea. I think they all mix well. The larger embroidery hoop full of yo-yos is from Z's side of the family, I mended them and stitched them to the hoop, while adding a few buttons for detail.
Have a great Wednesday~

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