Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Handmade Burp Cloths- HoboStyle

This is a shot of some of the burp cloths I've started making. They are cotton & soft flannel with terry cloth or flannel on the opposite side. Ikea was selling largish burp-cloth like pieces in their baby section. I bought and cut them down the middle, then had 2 pieces to use for my own burp cloth. I used some trim and patches and just tried to have fun with them.
The Deputy Dawg was given to Zach for Father's Day by his sister. I made him a matching bib, these will go specifically in his diaper bag. The Ramones cloth is all MINE!

With a bowl full of organic sweet potatoes on our table, we just aren't eating them as fast as we can. So I've been trying to find a sweet potato recipe. I've found sweet potato cornbread.. I might keep looking.

The Land of Nod catalogue came in the mail yesterday and I love this:
Two Birds, One Stone Counting Cards. This picture doesn't do them justice, but they look gorgeous!

With that I am off to start the day. I'll be listing new cuffs, vintage embellished dresses and other goodness in the shoppe
all day today! So stop by and browse! As the cooler weather wanders in,check out our coffee cuffs.. if you don't see your favorite just convo me- I love custom cuff orders!


DeeJay said...

Those counting cards are divine! Love!!

Kari said...

Those are super cute burb clothes, love them!