Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Get So Weak in the Knees..

A tiny view of the new banner I created, just because.

I know terrible song and I'm a terrible person for referencing it. Bad me, Bad!
But I am slowly losing my powers of strength. I'll sit at the machine and within 30 minutes I am dizzy and weak! How do women with multiple children continue to care for their kids while pregnant? Perhaps my diet is dragging me down. I feel like such a wimp! I'm usually a toughie! Spppshhh!

Sunday night I finished my vagabond wrap- full of so many skeins I forgot to count. I don't know that I will actually wear it in public, but it makes a lovely lap cozy and I've gotten approval from Jasper, who keeps needing it with his paws. In my house growing up we always called it" nice- nice"- I guess my mom made that up. Z always kinda laughs at me when I use that term.. along with so many other Lawrencisms like bashy-bashy cake.

It astounds me that these kitties who I spend most days with, can tell time.. no for reals! They sleep most of the day away and then start meowing around 4:30- I usually feed them at 5. In Hermione's case- she stalks me and then just stares at me till I eventually feel uncomfortable. Jasper waits in the dark in the kitchen by the fridge, so I can't possibly open the fridge for my own snack without feeding him first. Clever kitties.

Speaking of clever, I've been listening to this fine, clever lady- Erin McKeown as of late. We saw her at a show a few years ago, she's playing this weekend in NYC- but I don't think we'll be trudging into the city anytime soon. Of course once the baby is born a proper NYC/ holiday trip will be in order.

In happy shop stories- we just got one of our larger wholesale orders- 5 Scraparellas will be going to a new home down south, along with numerous coffee cuffs and onesies. So exciting! Plus, we'll be using the payment for our crib mattress- it feels good to contribute to our household in a larger way than usual. I'm grateful~
Happy Tuesday


Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

Congratulations on your wholesale order! I hope you are not overworking yourself too much missy! Take care of youself. :)

idyll hands said...

Congrats on the wholesale order! I hope people down south love your items as much as I do. Wait, I'm down south. :)

ursulaandolive said...

Yeah for wholesale orders! I've missed you terribly at the Providence Open Markets. The new location is wonderful but sadly the season is now over. Maybe next year you'll come and bring baby too! :)


queenvanna said...

yay, wholesale!!

as for feeling bad while brewing baby #2, it stinks. and you already know that! =D thankfully for me baby #1 was such a sweetie. i actually fell asleep playing on the floor with her once when she was about 11 months old. she just kept on playing right there near me til i woke up 15 minutes later!! yikes. if the children had been born the other way around, i'd probably wake up to flames and cereal all over the floor.... =)

we do what we can, that's all we can do.