Thursday, September 11, 2008


Regardless of where we were, I think most of us remember, 7 years ago what we were up to. I was living in a hotel, in Indiana, working as a Union Organizer. I remember a co-worker who lived upstairs calling me on the phone. I was the only one in our crew from New York. Even though I grew up an hour away from NYC, all of my coworkers and those I came into contact with, said they could tell I was from New York and greeted me with such a warm reception.

There was a party planned for my Mom, a surprise party the following weekend. I remember I was going to fly home. But there were no flights out of Indiana at the time. So I rented a car and drove 15 + hours on my own from Indiana- New York. I had nothing but the Clash & French fries to get me there. It was such an emotional time. I felt so proud that I had taken that mini-road trip by myself. I highly recommend it, only take time to relax lol I surely didn't.

Today is also one of my oldest, best friend's birthdays. We've been friends since about the age of 4.She's a remarkable person. She married, last year,a wonderful man who already had 4 little children (who are amazing in their own right)and now is probably the best step-mother ever. I just hope when our bundle arrives I can have half the patience she displays.. I know her days are not always easy. But she is so kind and genuinely good to their children it is inspiring.

Last night I finished 2 custom orders that were waiting patiently as well as a new pillow cover.

The pillow inside, was given to me by my husband's Grammy. It is a cream, with an antique hanker chief attached, I always worried it would get dirty. This way I'm preserving it- yet adding a new colorful pillow to the mix! The green is a flannel I picked up at a discount price and some of the buttons were my Grandmother's. The green polka dot trim and white ties, are recycled from a pair of pajama pants. I'm happy to add it to our pillow family.
With that I'm going to try a recipe for some Nutmeg muffins and start the day. I've got a lot of sewing to do!
be Well~

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earth and sun folk said...

a very nice read....and i love your work :)