Monday, September 15, 2008

This is my new daily Mantra....

When I saw this little sign, on sale for 50 cents- I had to pick it up. It is now nestled on my studio wall with my other favorites.

Whew this past week- was busy. Luckily, I was able to get all of my custom orders together,wrapped and ready to go in the mail. I even started making some new burp cloths. While re-organizing the linen closet I decided to take all of the flannel pillowcases out for a project. Z is just like me and we don't really like using them to sleep with. Something about their lack of cool temperature- just makes me uncomfy. So I've decided to use them to make burp cloths for baby. They're super soft and cuddly and I thought it was a good use of recycling the material. I'll have some pics up soon.

Well aside from a possible mail trip and a jolt to the library- today will be spent knitting ( I finished the green scarf for Mom's birthday) and I'm working on my raspberry swirlie one. A lot of tidying needs to be done, proof of our lazy-lounging weekend.

Saturday night as I lie awake in bed, I started thinking about the impending Lamaze class we had the next day. I was planning to take Imodium to settle my stomach. But I don't like how the baby acts after I've taken it. Then started thinking of all of the days I may need to take it to be able to leave the house. It kinda freaked me out. I guess I was having some-kind of anxiety attack. We talked it over and decided "going" to a Lamaze class wasn't going to work. So I ordered a DVD. I know it won't be exactly as enriching as an in-person class, but the idea of taking the Imodium to learn Lamaze felt screwy to me. With my constant tummy troubles- this might be my only option. I found a very updated DVD ( some of the are ancient!). I just thought I'd share, since I had mentioned it previously here.

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Christopher And Tia said...

You always seem so productive.

My grammy just sent me a big stack of flannel burp cloths that she made for baby-christopherandtia, and I'm so grateful. I wish I could sew. And I wish I accomplished as much as you do, haha.