Thursday, September 18, 2008

As Days Go By

I went to the thrift store in town on Thursday.

These napkins/dishtowels with added rikrak were found for $1.00. The plastic tote was $2.00 and is very similar to one I found at a Rhode Island thrift called, The Blue Mitten. I love my bag and carry everything in it from beach stuff- library books, so this will be for the baby when she gets a little older. Just like mama!

I found 2 coats. They're not necessarily for winter and they don't really button, but I've always wanted a trench. They both fit now ( without being buttoned) and will fit after the baby arrives. In the mean time I'll use them for the rain & cooler weather. The belted one was $5.00, the other was free! The woman was going to throw it out!

This is a huge ball of yarn. It is actually made up of 5 other skeins. I have a big basket full of acrylic & wool blend yarn.. so I decided to roll them all together and make something. I'm using a size 35 needle to knit myself some kind of crazy colorful wrap.

Alone, they were just a boring skein, but together they are kinda sweet!
Speaking of sweet, I found these (new to me) 100 calorie dark chocolate bars at
Trader Joe's They're kinda delicious! They only have a few ingredients (nothing scary) and they even have milk chocolate if you don't like dark. They're a yummy after dinner treat and they don't seem to bother my tummy. But I've also been eyeing Newman's Own cookies- they look like Hydrox or Oreo, only there is PEANUT BUTTER inside! Can you imagine? YUM!

I'm still looking for a pretty dress.This weekend I have an event, which I won't say too much about (in case the honoree is reading this)only that I'm in the process of doing the music and choosing the right thing to wear. This may end up being jeans and a cute shirt at this point!

Well have a great weekend, by the looks of the weather report Fall has snuck up on us! Oh yay!

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Zach said...

That's some cute stuff you bought! Can't wait to see your shawl!