Sunday, October 19, 2008

Three Weeks In Review

Three Weeks In Review, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Some of our doings in the last few weeks. Today I am 34 weeks- which seems unreal. Thursday I went to my first of two Breastfeeding classes. I really like the instructor. I'm really nervous about getting it all straight- I just hope baby Hazel and I can be on the same vibe.

We did go back Saturday to the rummage sale. of course we found new treasures- we hadn't seen on Friday. Including a cat carrier for $1.00 a gorgeous chenille bedspread, a wooden abacus and a few more aprons.

For lunch yesterday,I was able to eat 2 pieces of pizza ( cheese removed) which was delightful as it was!

Last night I started and almost finished a small quilt. For the insides I used a hand-me down blanket. The cotton blanket & batting went inside. Just a small lap blanket for me- but something to cuddle Hazel in. Both sides are flannel ( new & vintage) and I used some recycled & vintage fabrics to decorate & spiff it up. I also managed to find a home for some of my Raggedy Ann &Andy ruffle trim. I just need to photograph it.

The rest of Sunday will be spent cozying up with slippers and wool knee socks.Hot drinks,putting some newly rummaged & washed baby clothes away and getting ready for the week ahead. I meet with my midwife Tuesday and Saturday we'll get on the road around 7am to see our family in Rhode Island and help prepare for our New England Baby Shower. Blessed is how I'm feeling. Grateful for family- the changing season and how it all comes together.

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