Saturday, October 11, 2008


Here are some old-fashiony bibs I made for the shop, they're reversible and made with some new and vintage fabrics.
I like the tie around the neck ones, that way they can't be ripped off by little hands.
I also had a fruitful day, Thursday creating new cuffs.

I've started using holiday/solstice fabrics. Hopefully this weekend I can get some more finished and into the shop and possibly a local brick & mortar in Nyack.

So far the envelope method is working. Last night we went to Stop & Shop and found all of our Nature's Promise items to stock up on and Zach made a trip to Trader Joe's this afternoon. We should be set for a while now. Stocking up on broth, butternut squash soup,bread and TJ's amazing vegan veggie pizza ( which compared to Amy's is like 3-4$ cheaper depending on the store!). We dorkily used our little designated envelopes- but it felt good to have tunnel vision- just get what is on the list. I typed up my list and used some of Simple Mom's shopping list PDF tips.

The weather is so beautiful out, of course this past week I felt pretty good aside from the aches & pains I've started having. So that would explain why today I've been couch ridden. At the OBGYN, I was told I am almost weighing in at 190, so I've gained 3 or 4 pounds- which is good because I had been loosing.

We rented Rob Zombie's Halloween, which I figured would put us in the Halloweenie mood, but I couldn't get through it. I'm a fan of horror films, but I think there is just something about Rob Zombie's movies specifically that weird me out and upset me. I guess I was expecting something similar to the original. Plus with the baby, I feel weird watching something violent like that. So we've opted for the new Hulk, which Zach will be writing about for work anyhow. I'm a big fan of Liv Tyler and Ed Norton- so I'll let that put me in a Halloweenie mood.

From the couch, I've been working on my thank you notes for the shower. Thoughtfully, my big sister Susan bought me thank you notes. They're pretty adorable and of course, I need to save 2 for my baby scrapbook. I'm a fiend. I've also been working on my second hat. Originally, for Zach after asking him if he, as a man would wear the color(olive with burgundy,yellow & red pieces)out in public. His first response was yes, of course he'd wear it- however on a second asking he kinda of changed his mind. So as it is I am knitting myself a new winter hat and I'm delighted! I'm sure I can find some sort of yarn in my stash for a manly autumn cap.

With that I am going to nestle into our living room for the night. Finish up some coffee cuffs, dust and refigure our owl collection, eat some chocolate
(Tia of Christopher & Tia turned me onto these), knit and cuddle with my hubbie- the kicker of a baby in my tummy and some SNL. Assuming I don't fall asleep before 8pm- that is!

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