Friday, October 3, 2008

Much To Do About Friday

In addition to being well enough to grab a soy chai yesterday, I visited the health food store for some much needed pie crusts (when I make my own they always crumble). I also stopped at my brother's house to drop off the last shower gift to my mom. She was there with my dad & nieces & nephew. They're so funny- such characters! They talk to my tummy and the littlest, Lizzie asks " When is baby Hazel coming out?" she lightly taps my stomach and smiles. So sweet. They know Saturday is the party for baby Hazel. If I hadn't shared her name yet, it's HAZEL! We were kinda keeping it under wraps, but I don't even know how many people will even read this lol!

A little zip pouch, my favorite oatmeal soap, lavender sachets and one of my favorite chocolate bars~

organic lavender sachets

A gift for one of the shower games~

Yesterday afternoon I came across a favorite movie I had forgotten all about-
Peggy Sue Got Married..
They just don't make movies like this anymore!

I remembered this movie from when I was little. I always liked Kathleen Turner and had such a crush on NICHOLAS CAGE, with his semi-goofball/sexpot singing persona.

Nicholas Cage and Jim Carrey! Can you believe the all-star cast in this movie?

A very young Joan Allen along with Sophia Coppola and directed by Francis Ford Coppola! I had to stop and watch.

I just found this great website,
Simple Mom. Even if you aren't a mother- she has a lot of great tips on living green, living simply, budgeting etc. This article is about how there are actually 12 weeks left till Christmas, for real. So Simple Mom is going to help plan out the next 12 weeks to get us all organized for the holidays. Like any stressful situation if we can just break it up into smaller pieces- the whole thing gets less daunting and maybe even fun! I'm on board! Today she'll start her Budgeting for week 12.

At some point tonight I plan on making that Apple Caramel pie I've been rattling on about- for the party tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the faux mac & cheese my mom is making me. She uses regular elbow macaroni- but adds butternut squash and kind of bakes it- then I'll add bread crumbs and nutritional yeast.

I've been a little consumed by the thoughts of this Saturday.Our baby shower.
Our first baby will be here shortly and I just can't believe it. Are we ready for this adventure? Will she be a terror? Like the kids I see at the mall misbehaving- whining for a toy? My mom has always said- people expect kids to act somewhat bratty and sometimes naughty, but in public people look for the way the parents react to this behavior. When I think about our little baby I have so many hopes & dreams for her.. not in the way parents think - oh you'll be a lawyer or a doctor- not even that far- just hopes of what we'll do during our days together. Crafts, finger painting, making messes, baking and then when Papa Oat comes home we can have show & tell. Gosh I am such a huge dork.

I still have no clue what to wear tomorrow. I'd like jeans- because it's sweata weatha- but I feel like I should somehow be this goddessesy- mother in a Grecian gown.. I wonder if I can wear jeans under that?



Hazel is a beautiful name! :0) Thanks for that great website and I'm not a mom!

Jennifer said...

I love the baby's name ~ Hazel! So sweet...I remember Peggy Sue Got Married too, fun movie!

nichole said...

Love the name Hazel. And simple mom is such a great blog. Love it!

Debra said...

I love the name Hazel....

Have a great weekend.

Martha Miller said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog! My grandmother, Lillie, who was born in 1896, had three best friends that she played cards with every week: Emma, Amy and Hazel. Love those old names.
I also love When Peggy Sue Got Married. Interesting that Joan Allen went on to play in another great and more recent flick about the 50's, Pleasantville.

jessicajane said...

You are going to be the best mommy!! Awwe. Im so excited for you :)

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

I concur! Hazel is one of those great names. Nature-y but not too hippie, unusual but not crazy, classic instead of old.

DeeJay said...

Peggy Sue Got Married, LOVE! You bought and Edsel!

I thought I was the only person who secretly loved that movie. We must be sisters and don't know it.

HAZEL! Yeah baybay!!! So love the name.

Blaze said...

Hey!! Thanks so much for your comment! I hope all is well for you too! And Hazel is an adorable name!

Christopher And Tia said...

I've never seen that movie.

I can't wait to find out what you got from your baby shower.

Hazel is a beautiful name.

Rosebud Collection said...

What a wonderful day you will have and I just thought, it is today..
I bet the shower is in progress...Hazel, what a darling name..Much love and luck to you all..

Island Travel Girl said...

Hi sweetie !

I hope you are having lots of fun at your shower - I am so sorry I am going to miss all baby-shower-related festivities, but FEAR NOT I have a full bag of goodies for you.

Also - I have a FIELD of lavender in my yard now, and would happily send you some any old time. I have 4 different varieties, and it's all growing like CRAZY !!!!!! I am going to attempt to make lavender gifts for the holidays :)

Hugs for Hazel and Papa - oh man Lucy is so excited to see you guys ! I keep showing her your photos, so she can see the belly, and we talk about Hazel every day. She says she misses her ;)