Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little Bits of Wednesday

:::They sit like this, in a row on the arm of the couch:::

I've noticed something about myself.. I can not keep a table clear & straight if my life depended on it. I am finding it to be a quite annoying little factoid. Kitchen table::: covered bills, recipes, crock pot- other randomness. Craft table:: fabric, receipts, scissors,pins,business cards,paper,articles,randomness. Coffee table::: remotes, coasters,glass or glasses,camera,bills,computer etc. I have a million baskets and other organizing devices- yet I still have this problem. I think Zach has this problem now too.

Today I'd like to get laundry done.I also need to go get fitted for my dress for my cousin's wedding next, Saturday. Last night I had a dream I went into labor. I guess it is getting close now. I read somewhere that 60% of all births are early.

In other news, I don't know if you've heard about Carter's Clothing Tag Allergies. It seems some of their tag less labels have been causing allergic reactions. Some of their older clothing has it. I know some of my hand-me downs have these and a few other gifts I've received. I am going to cover the tags with a small muslin patch. So I've started going through all of the clothes I have and separating them. All of the recalls scare me. As if the idea of being a first-time parent isn't scary enough!

I hope you have a peaceful day full of non recalls!


jessicajane said...

I have the same problem. Tim does too. But Im the one who has to clean it all up. Haha.

only 32 days to go! yay :)

*tell little Hazel to be born on Nov 29th. All the cool kids are born on Nov 29th*

Island Travel Girl said...

Oh Hazel J you have the clutter gene.....M, we all have it - it can't be helped. It must be embraced, and celebrated ! And then, when you purge, it feels SO GOOD !

It just makes dusting REALLY HARD. Which is why, conveniently, I don't.