Thursday, October 30, 2008

300 Sales

Yay! We reached our 300th sale this past weekend! So exciting! It has been a long road of handmade goodness.I'm so thankful to all of our beloved customers~

I've been trying to figure out what steps to take for the next few weeks/months for our shop. I hate to get rid of custom orders, but alas I need to. They take a lot of time and effort and I am just not sure what the next year will bring (aside from giggles, cuddling and some dirty diapers). So I think the only option is to freeze our custom orders for now.

The Vagabond Scarves will be in the shop by Friday, October 31st. I urge you to take a gander!Different sizes & colors.

Tonight we'll carve our pumpkins. One from the market- the other from my husband's step-father's garden. At some point today I will be picking up Halloween candy.(what to get- what to get- maybe sending a preggo isn't the best idea!?) This will be the first year we'll actually have some Trick or Treaters! I'm so excited! We also have our costumes to work on for the Halloween party on Saturday. Plus, I need to finish up the birthday girl's gifts and get started on a few coffee cuffs as Thank-You gifts. A lot to do. I'm already feeling out of breath! I've opened most of the windows to entertain the kitties and let the fresh air in. Last night I was very sick, so I'm trying to get a lot done but in a mosey sort of way. No actual time constraints!! For an easy-on-the-tummy dinner I'm making soup.
What are your plans?


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casserole said...

Congratulations on your 300th sale! Those scarve are delish!!

queenvanna said...

300 rocks!!

so many things to think about, i'm pondering a few moves myself...

this is the first year EVER that we will be home for halloween... we're gonna get take-out chinese and see what happens!!