Friday, October 31, 2008

Show and Tell

::::Here is how I fixed the tag issue on my Carter's clothing::::
Muslin+thread+ fabric marker = this

Yesterday was exactly one month till my *due date*. Forgive me for constantly talking about how I can't believe it. When I say to Zach ( as I hold up a newborn onesie)
"Can you believe we are going to have someone in the house this small?" he says "Yes, I know". I guess he too is scared and excited.. but doesn't vocalize it as much. I've read sometimes men don't bond with the baby till they are born. Whereas I bonded I think before the first kick- at the first sonogram. I think he'll be a great father, he loves playing with toys for starters!

In the craft world- there is someone whose work is so beautiful and inspiring. I regularly read her blog and look at her shop with yearning. With two little ones- she finds the time to make gorgeous quilted goodness. She's having a giveaway- where by linking here it adds me to become a possible JCASA quilt winner! The fabrics she uses are so crisp and pretty. I can only hope one day I'll learn to quilt with such skill! One of my favorites from her new quilt is the tiny pink clothesline fabric- who thinks of this adorable stuff?! I think my favorite colors would be a brown, green and maybe orange together.(thinking fall) I wonder if that could work? Maybe yellow?

Last weekend I mentioned going thrifting and getting some sheets::::

::3 Full- Size Flat Sheets:: One day I hope to make a skirt and maybe a tote and something for Hazel and pillows and, and, and....

We also found this Sesame Street Twin sheet set:::

This is one of the little crafts I made a few years back. It is a Styrofoam cone- covered in fabric and then decorated to look like a holiday tree. I used some tape measure for the bottom trim. I'll be posting a tutorial in the next week or so, along with a scrap garland tutorial. They're both very easy- but I am a visual learner- maybe you are too.

I felt like I needed to take this silly photo- just to have..

:::A little project I started this past week::::

Happy Halloween all you Tricksters~

Maybe next year Hazel can sport this little costume, by Beckaboo!
She has a great shop
full of monsters!

:::I hope you have plans for a wonderful candy coma or a silly costume party or maybe just a horror fest on the couch with your special someone- either way enjoy the moment!

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Christopher And Tia said...

I'm so excited for you!! I remember holding up newborn onesies and thinking "this is so small, how can a person ever be this small?", and then eleanore being too big for it, and her having to wear preemie clothes. And now, holding up charlie's clothes next to my 2 year old, amazes me. I'm right back at the "how can anybody be this small?" stage. I've been following your blog since you announced your pregnancy, and from what I can tell, you and your husband seem to be very well prepared. I'm so happy for you, and I can't wait to see baby Hazel. I really really can't.