Thursday, October 16, 2008

October Crafting

Above are two pictures of how my holiday garland is coming out. I chose not to put numbers on each piece(but there will be 25), I am using this gorgeous green ribbon that our Land of Nod gifts came wrapped in as the loops.I've been using fleece & old sweaters recycling them into little boots/stockings,pockets and mittens. Yesterday I made a quick trip to Joann's to get rikrak. This is how it went:

I did actually get rickrack in green and red(although not shown).. but as you can see the remnant piles we're calling my name. I found the adorable houses fabric, which is by Heidi Grace and purchased 1 1/2 yards using my coupon. I had never heard of her before- WOW she had some wonderful little prints.

Last night we did watch the season finale of Project Runway and I was a little disappointed. The entire season was sort of a let down.In between commercials we watched the debate. Every time McCain spoke I just felt slightly ill. When Obama spoke- on the split screen McCain had such a smug look on his face I just couldn't stand it. I'm glad it was the last one.

On a positive note: Today I'm having a very special lunch date. My niece and nephew are coming over with my mom & dad. We'll be eating sandwiches (BYOS), since they're kind of picky eaters. Our yard is full of so many colorful leaves- so I thought we'd make window-leaf catchers.. I don't know if they'll be interested when there are 2 cats here and the kids usually have their GameBoys everywhere they go. But I'm going to try and encourage them to make something today.
Here is my picture for Self-Portrait Thursday

Hope you have a great Thursday!


Island Travel Girl said...
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Island Travel Girl said...

I was just trying to fix a typo, and blogger got all uptight !

I love the garland, and all of the rikrak you got at Joanns ;) SUPER CUTE !

Hope all is well - I am missing the leaves again this year.....