Tuesday, October 14, 2008

33 Weeks and Counting~

33 Weeks , originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

This morning I woke around 4am. I guess this is what everyone is talking about when they say "you won't be able to sleep much". The baby is kicking in a more uncomfortable manner and I have some serious achenes. In addition to a weird, itchy rash on my forehead! I put calamine lotion on it- so now I have a smear of pink, like a crazy birthmark.

I finished getting my shower thank-you cards in the mail- well I'll finish today. Then on the 24th we're going to Rhode Island to see my husband's family, who have graciously agreed to host a shower for us with his family and friends in the area. I'm very excited- there will be a fall theme!!
Since my husband started bringing me up to visit( a few months into dating) it has always been a little retreat-treat We go to the beach, have picnics, eat at lovely little places and sometimes go to The Blue Mitten ( a great little thrift). I love New England. As close as it is to NY- it still feels so different. The cooler air and proximity of a Tim Horton's on ever corner- just says " I love you" with a big hug New England style.
Yesterday I made a surprise trip to my parent's house. My mom and I talked politics- which is always a very calm discussion- b/c we pretty much agree on most things. She was making a meatloaf, which of course smelled good. I stole a few baked-french fries from the stove and I seemed to be OK. We went through some Rubbermaid bins in the shed full of MORE wintry clothing! Just as I thought we had finished and found it all. I am really amazed to the point of embarrassment on just how many scarves-gloves-hats we own. Zach said, "we're cute we need the accessories to go along with that"- what a supportive husband! We both spent about 1/2 hour last night organizing our new found-wintry wealth into our closets. I love seasonal unpacking- it feels like I've just gone shopping and snagged some awesome pieces- only I've freed up a Rubbermaid and haven't spent a cent!

With that I am going to get back to the hat I am knitting myself. I'll leave you with a small list of Gratitude I've been thinking on:
my husband
fall weather
a roof over my head
a nice neighborhood
the ability to work from home
changing leaf color
pumpkin butter
toasty sweaters


Rosebud Collection said...

The picture is so cute..I remember those days well..It is starting to get mighty chilly this way, Maine..Maybe R.I. is a bit warmer..
I do miss L.I., N.Y...temps. were a bit better..

Start To Finish Supplies said...

What a cute belly you have!!

kim* said...

aw your bellysprout is cute in that pink dress.

make sure to check this site momma dearest:


queenvanna said...

you look amazing!! it makes me so happy to see you're so blessed and you KNOW it!

northern connecticut is beautiful right now... everything is so yellow and red!!