Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baby Brain Tuesday

When I heard about the common term " baby brain" I thought- yeah okay that has to be some lame excuse pregnant women use when they forget your birthday or burn the Tofurkey. But I can say I am now a believer!

2 weeks ago I made an appt with my midwife- I wrote it down and everything. So this morning when started drinking the nasty-orange fructose drink (so they could check my sugar level) I thought I was right on target. I was had it been Wednesday! When I arrived they told me my appointment was for tomorrow. I felt like I needed that forehead smack for not drinking a V-8! Doh! Plus I must have written it down wrong too! I can't be trusted.

Yesterday I washed the rummage sale bedspread and you'll be happy to know it fits the bed and only had one minor stain. The cats seem to enjoy it too. Probably 50 + years ago, my Mother's Mother, Mary worked in a chenille factory. My grandmother didn't have a lot of money- she was a single mom, raising 3 young girls. But my mom tells me they all had lovely chenille bedspreads and robes. I guess she got them from the factory. What a nice, cozy thought. My own mother several years back bought me a lovely purple chenille robe (which has since fallen into disrepair) before I got rid of it I cut it up and saved pieces of it. They were very worn and hardly soft like chenille- but I made a square for Hazel's blanket just a little something to tie Hazel to her Great Grandmother.

The article I was in about a month back for Rockland Magazine was picked up by the Journal News, a local paper. So I got a call from my Mom as many email inquiries about upcoming events. I had no clue! Thankfully other people read the local paper. I made it above the fold too!

In other crafty news, I added some vintage lace (in baby blue) along with a cute little gnome centerfold to my recently rummaged skirt. I love how it came out. Hopefully I'll be able to sport it during the winter. I need to find some preggo tights.. I wonder if such a thing exists- beyond support hose?

With my skirt finished, the bedspread washed & being used- I'm just trying to find a place for all of the other treasures we've acquired over the last weekend. The aprons are the main thing I'm having a challenge with. I'd love to display them- but I have so many at this point.. I'll have to brainstorm.

I've started working on making more scarves- similar to

this. I call it the Vagabond scarf and it was a hit in our shop last year. So I've started cutting some green fleece and hopefully I'll have a few ready for an update next week.
Have a great Tuesday!

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Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

I am loving that scarf! Very cool! Congratulations on getting in the Journal News!!