Friday, October 24, 2008

Baby Quilts, Sleeping Kitties and a Cozy Bed

As the days grow cooler, our bed gets toastier with various quilts and layers making their way to us. We've started the "big push"(to get Jasper but mostly Hermione out from sleeping in our bedroom at night)she has shown much disdain for us. She shows up in the bassinet, in the crib, hiding in the changing table on the rug near the crib and finally on our bed. She's taken to sleeping at the foot of our bed now. But She's so adorable I have a difficult time saying no. These little animals nestle into our hearts and never leave. They're such characters.

Yesterday I experimented with lettuce- it is insoluble fiber, which I need to be careful of. Let's just say I'm not ready for it and spent the day wishing I had never eaten it! Needless to say last night was spent doing "couch crafts"- I started a new embroidered scene for Hazel's wall. I recently found Jenny Hart's Stitch It Kit, which I had purchased forever ago and never got a chance to use. So I ironed out a little banner and I'm stitching Hazel's name in it. This kind of handmade work- relaxes me like nothing else. I finally found the right case to put my floss in. I'm using a vintage purse/lunch case to keep all my needles & floss semi-organized.

Here are a few pictures of the new quilt I made for Hazel

The inside is an older small baby blanket handed-down. Flannel on both sides and some of my favorite fabrics along with recycled t-shirts I've been saving. I don't know the traditional, "real" way to quilt that you see everywhere, but I like how my pieces turn out.
Tomorrow is our baby shower in Rhode Island. We haven't been there since August.I'm so excited to see everyone. I've mentioned before how much I enjoy going up there. The forecast says rain, but hopefully it will hold out to have a little gathering outside.
Have a wonderful weekend and stay cozy!



THat is an awesome quilt and Hazel is such a sweet name!!

Estela said...

how cozy & cool!

Kathleen said...

I love the quilt, it's very collage-esque. I especially like the cat face and the apple fabric.

And I hope you get good weather tomorrow! :)