Friday, October 10, 2008

Making an Adjustment

Making an Adjustment, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

I knew the day would come when I had to make some adjustments due to my current state, but I just wasn't sure when. Thursday was the day! Due to the short cord on my sewing machine+ my growing stomach + some back aches= moving my sewing machine to a smaller, easier spot. So this is where I'll be zigzagging till Hazel arrives and maybe well after! The window & natural light is a nice little plus.

Yesterday, I was able to accomplish a lot, which made up for my lack of productivity for the beginning of the week! I've started created a home management journal of sorts, with our budget, birthdays,Zach's TV schedule (for work),menu planning and other fun things.

This article is inspiring Zach and I to give once a month or even, once every 2 weeks shopping a try. This website, Get Rich Slowly is one of my new favorites. Plus, I signed Zach up, so now we both get the post and he can read it too, rather than me just pushing it on him.

Today will be the first day we start our true envelope system for groceries, gas and other little items. I'm excited to try it and really make it work. I've made sure to have an envelope for thrifting. What with the annual Pearl River Methodist Church rummage sale coming up next weekend- I'm super excited to go. I'd also like to hit a few local thrifting haunts today- we'll see how that goes.

We received so many beautiful baby clothes from the shower and hand-me-downs, so we need mostly 18months & up. I'm always on the look out for cuteness, wherever I can find it.

I've taken down the *End of Summer* section in our Etsy shop and replaced it with *Holiday Hobo* a section to house all Halloweenie-Holiday-solstice-Christmas items.There are still plenty of Sale items, they're just back in their rightful spots. The shop is also brimming with new
Coffee cuffs just in time for cider-sweater weather!

Have a great Friday!

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