Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Adventures

If I can remember it- I'm going to try and use Fridays for adventures- till I'm too round to move- then maybe I'll make up some adventures to share from the couch.

Friday morning, walking to the car (in the dark at 6:30am)- I was a bit apprehensive- from what/who I saw yesterday from my window on Thursday. But I carried on.

After dropping Zach at the train station, I drove home to make breakfast. A burnt mushroom/egg white omelet was what I ended up with. I'm really terrible at breakfast foods. This guy is my breakfast-cooking champ! fake bacon? no prob! soy sausage patty? Of course, waffles, eggs, juice and toast- Got It Covered! So I usually leave all breakfast foods and brinner events up to Zach.

It was possible I was just so eggcited (yes, I went there) that it was the Methodist Church Annual Rummage Sale! I am still basking in the glow of um... $7.00 worth of spendings (actually 9- I donated 2 extra dollars) for what would amount to - I dunno $150.00? in a parallel world.

I've learned for this specific sale that the best way to *shop* (which is considered a sport at this event) is to grab any shred of what you might like and hold on tight! Armed with my trusty basket bag and a reusable tote from mom- I grabbed like most- with a VENGEANCE! I knew exactly what I was looking for and where it was- so after waiting in line for it to open, I already had a keen idea on how many tables I'd needed to hurdle in order to beat the older ladies to the punch!

Straight to the linens! Little baby Hazel's heart must have skipped a beat- because mama's sure did! Several very cute- very vintage aprons! A pretty vintage sheet in floral and some very cool linen dishtowels (brand new with tags!). Below is my haul.

A new hat! I wanted one similar to this from Target- I think this was 50 cents!

There were some like-new baby sleepers I found:

two of them say little peanut on them-

this one is just adorable!

When I got home I started on the two kinds of chili I needed to make for Manly Movie Night. MMN or Manly Movie Mamajama (MMM) was started by Zach and a few of his friends in order to get some serious- silly- movie watching done.They all gather together(usually about 12-15 guys)- with a chosen theme and 3 movies to watch. Then let the snackie treats, pizza and other deliciousness ensue.The guys crack jokes and make fun of any ridiculous hair, clothing, lines they encounter. It is actually VERY funny to listen to. But I've always been a fan of these guys- only MMM is possibly a bit raunchier. So 2 chilies(veggie & ground turkey) were made, 5 onions cut and many tears later- they smelled so yummy. All I wanted was a little taste- but alas I held back!

Baby Hazel and I spent the night at my parent's house watching LIFE and chatting. This morning I think Zach and I will hit the rummage sale again- I'm sure now that a lot of things have been cleared out- it will offer a new perspective.
Hope you're having a lovely weekend- whatever adventure you're on!

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Christopher And Tia said...

OOoh, look at all the good stuff you got!! I've never been to a rummage sale. It sounds better than Christmas though!!