Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Update


So I was asked to contribute to sweetie pie, Jessica Jane's Giveaway. So I sent in a autumn coffee cuff and a sweaters in love card. The cool part was that anyone could enter.. and I won! I never win anything! I'm so excited to see the goodies.

Nesting for our Home:
Sunday we stopped at my friend Suzanne's moving sale where I scored,this lovely basket (for free) and the blanket for 5$!

This will get my thrifting senses( similar to Spidey Senses) through the week- till Friday when the event of the winter (next to having baby Hazel) will occur.The rummage sale at a local church. Friday I want to get there as the doors open (9am) - looking mostly for vintage linens,sheets,dishtowels, interesting plates, anything useful, vintage toys( for hubbie & Hazel) and possibly anything in good shape for 18 months & up. I'll also be scouting the men's wool sweaters- since my own do not fit anymore.

I'm working on using these recycled mint tins. Zach's family has been saving them for me, for the last year or more. I'm just now getting around to using them, just in time to create stocking stuffers for the shop!


kim* said...

congrats on winning and i love the cases

Pfeiffer Photos said...

How fun! Guessing these are altoid tins...I happen to know that they are not the easiest vessels to work with due to the hinges so kudos on your designing.