Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Start of Holiday Crafting

We have one wall in our apartment that is a blank slate. We've discussed what to do with it.. photos,paintings etc. But then we decided we would do a lovely little clothesline where we can hang holiday cards, leaves- feathers- inspiration. Years ago a girl I knew hung string across her wall and used clothespins to showcase little black & white photos. I thought it was so cool. So, we'll do something like that. For the holidays I wanna make something like this:
This one is available at Garnet Hill. A woman I knew had this exact one hanging from her mantle one year, it looked so cozy.

In the world of Vegans & Vegetarians on Etsy- EtsyVeg has a new facet of their website to boast. I'm a proud Etsy Veg member and this is the new
Crafty Veggie Marketplace. A spot to find all vegan & vegetarian craftspeople & crafts.

Last night I made some more of this:

Any apple lovers reading this? I should start calling it debate crumble. I think the last 2 debates I made this either the night before or the day of. Either way this warm crumble makes some of the ridiculousness during the debate go down a little easier! So of course I'll be noshing on it tonight!

I'm off to run errands.Later I'll have some pictures to share for our advent-like calender.
Have a great Wednesday!


oriental banana said...

your "debate crumble" looks delicious!

Rosebud Collection said...

What an apple dish..looks great..

Paper Girl Productions said...

yum!!! i love apples!!