Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday's Doing

So imagine someone looked up your "Favorites" on Etsy and then sent you a box full of them. This is pretty much what I received Monday afternoon, thanks to Jessica Jane's Crafty Giveaway. That girl knows how to organize an amazing giveaway! Here are some of my new, amazing gifts- from the fabulous Etsy artists.

Forest pillow by Olive, Tree card by twoguitars, pecan pumpkin soap by BubbleVarietyShoppe, caramel apple lip balm by Haunt, House tea towel by LeanneGraeff, tree necklace and bird earrings by ohhellofriend, Rabbit girl brooch by craftyFolk, owl mirror by littlepinkplum, soap sample from mybirch, maple lollipop by vermont maple, and apple jacket by Handamade.

As a youngster (yes I did say that) I always hated Sundays. I'm sorry Sunday-I just dreaded the going to bed early for school. When I got older I hated the getting to bed early for the readying of work the next day. A few years back before I left my NYC job- I made sure I'd buy myself a super huge latte on the corner so I could " deal" with it all. I savored drinking it- through the phone calls and people asking how to use the copier machine. It was a tiny piece of solace. Opening the box full of crafty love felt the same way!

Monday was spent couch crafting- I did a little embroidery and worked on my October & November pages for my baby scrapbook. There are only a few pages left now!

A little something I am working on for the wall next to Hazel's crib. Who knows what she'll look like- I figured I could always go back and add darker eyes or hair!

Jasper and I took a short cat nap on the couch with the window slightly opened.
Today is cold and rainy. I have a huge Ikea bag ( blue reusable) full of needing-to-be-washed baby clothes. I started packing a bag for myself and for Hazel for the hospital. I'm sure I'm over-packing for us both- but I'd rather have more options.
There is still so much to do. I keep emptying the bassinet and the crib of our laundry. Yes, we've started putting clean clothes in both of them! I'm mostly at fault- this morning Z said " he hopes we'll put things away better once baby arrives", I sure hope so.

Regardless of the cold, wet weather I need to make up for yesterday's ill-stomach-couch-fest and run to the market to gather food. Our refrigerator is on the verge of echoing. As it is the light bulb is like a disco ball and we can't seem to get it out. So I am off on a Trader Joe's stint- I'm wearing my new earrings from
ohhellofriend, they just make me feel good and who couldn't use a little extra feel good right now?

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Island Travel Girl said...

Hazel J., huh ? Oh, the mystery just keeps deepening....Josephine ? Joan ? Judith ? Julia ? Jericho ? (I am running out of J options, but it's only 5am, I have time.....)

Jodi Renshaw said...

I always hated Sundays too! They meant that it would be a whole 'nother week before I would see my Dad again. Yuck. Anyway, lovely goodies ... gorgeous earrings, and hooray for naps with your kitty. Soon you will be napping with the babe.

Marilyn P. Sushi said...

What a fun giveaway! Lucky you! And I love those earrings too. I have to heart that shop. :)

Christopher And Tia said...

Oh I can't wait until Christopher gets his prize package!! Yes, thats right, I made my husband enter, because I wanted to win THAT bad. Hes pretty excited for his new hedgehog plush. He said hes going to save it for Charlie :)

Kathleen said...

Those earrings are beautiful, I'm trying to decide if I should buy myself a pair as an early birthday present.

Also, I love your embroidery.