Sunday, October 5, 2008


All the hub and now the day has come and gone. It was lovely! No I didn't wear a Grecian gown, I wore a purple stripey turtleneck with pinky- metallic accessories. Zach and I played a little matchy-matchy, which was dorky fun. I needed to take Imodium to assure that I could leave the house, so today I am taking the day slow.

The Matchy Couple

Breast Cancer- Donation Flowers from Aunt Gorny

Crazy Shower Games!

We still have another carload of stuff at my parent's house, but between our rocking chair, 2 Frog Pods (we'll need to make an exchange),pack & play,high chair some items just had to be left behind for a pickup today.

The weather held out and even though it was a very tight, very tight mix inside the dining room, I think it was a total success! I got to see so many special people from far & near. It meant so much to me that everyone took such detail in purchasing their gifts or making them. I never thought I would get caught up in baby clothes- but there are some ADORABLE clothing choices out there and thanks to the generosity of family & friends I think I own them all! Yes, of course there was a lot of pink- the decorations were very cute and of course Miss Hello Kitty made several appearances.

Family & friends made food from baked beans-penne ala vodka (my sister's speciality),butternut squash faux mac & cheese,boiled potatoes(for me), chicken Marsala and the list goes on! Everyone had seconds, which was encouraging for the cooks. I made an apple crumble of sorts, I didn't even add the caramel sauce. There was a good amount of brown sugar- so it didn't need it. IBS & Vegan Friendly Apple Crisp It was super easy and came out delicious! I think I'll be heating a piece up for breakfast this morning.

Last night, Zach finished assembling our new rocker and now today we must figure out where it will go. Always a challenge in a small space. But I rather enjoy spinning around the furniture to achieve a new look and new nooks. The reality is setting in I think for both of us, babies have a lot of stuff! I don't think we really even registered for an over-the-top amount, hardly any clothes or toys- mostly the items we needed. Yet, I still feel overwhelmed, slightly. I think if we keep it simple and watch what we allow into the house, we might feel better in control.

One of our handmade gifts was a gorgeous, pink & white check, knit blanket set. One is smaller to cuddle baby, the other is bigger to cuddle mama. Not having come from a family of knitters (me being the only one on my side), receiving a handmade- knit blanket from a family friend (the daughter of one of my mom's best friends- who has known me since birth) just made my day. Once the rain goes away- does that happen in October? I'll take pictures.

We also received some gorgeous littles from Land of Nod. These wooden blocks we were so excited to open.In an attempt to have more durable-non-plastic,traditional toys for Hazel.

Lastly, I didn't even get a darn picture of my sister and mother who orchestrated the entire thing from decorations- games- food and presents.(In my defense- they were all over the place and hardly sat down!)

One of the most touching details was the wishing well. Instead of having everyone bring little tchochkes, my big sis, Susan( who is also a history professor) asked for books- to start off Hazel's library! From Eric Carle - 100 First Words, Hazel's collection has grown into something even more precious. We both have favorites from our childhood, that we merged together and purchased used from the library, yard sales etc. but now she'll have books with bookplates in them and notes from family & friends. Each time we read them- we can be thankful for the idea and the generosity.

Overall, I was just so touched by the generosity of family & friends. To feel that loved and to pass it on to our child is going to be a wonderful experience/adventure.
Thank you for sharing our little shower story. I'm grateful to have the friendly readers who stop by and say hello! Be well xo


Christopher And Tia said...

aww!! your baby shower sounds like it was perfect. i loved looking at all of the pictures. Hazel is going to be here soon!!!

DeeJay said...

You are truly blessed!