Thursday, October 2, 2008

So Project Runway, last night was kind of a disappointment. I won't go into details, but if you read Pulp Sushi, I'm sure Marilyn will give you a wonderful explanation! Let's just say the contestants don't seem to be as skilled as other cycles. Not that I could ever be on that show! Too crazy!

Yesterday, I created a new blog header. I'm having fun doing these every month, we'll see how next month goes~ I also had a prenatal massage, which was really great. I'm grateful that we have a friend who not only charges a reasonable price, but is willing to come to me!

I've decided to try and make an apple pie with a caramelish topping for my shower. Possibly a little bit ambitious, but hey what better time to make one? I'll be using a vegan recipe. Boy how I miss caramel apples... sorry just thinking out loud.
In addition to making the apple pie and iced-chamomile tea I'm aspiring to stitch up a cute little makeup bag to house the soap, chocolate bar & lavender sachets for one of the winners of the baby game. I'm silly.

Two Works in Progress:

I'll tell you about them a little later.

Well I hope you all have a lovely Thursday!


Princess Caitlin said...

Yes, the headache finally left!
Thanks for your comment. :) I love comments.

I have no idea what's in the making in that second picture, but I love all the colors going on.
And I was at your shop admiring your scraparellas today. Just so you know. ;-)

queenvanna said...

i have a recipe for a very non-vegan carmel apple dip involving cream cheese (many things in my life involve cream cheese)... i can taste it just thinking about it!!