Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thrifting and Vagabonds

Wednesday I was getting the thrift itch, so I went to a little shop that usually has some great little treasures.
I fell in love with this handmade, vintage dress. It didn't have a size on it, but at some point it will fit our babe. I also found some sweet yellow polka dot fabric and vintage linen, along with a super cute vintage tote. The tote is perfect for carrying around fall knitting and embroidery projects.

This vintage appliance cozy was $2.00.. I just love it! Plus it fits over the like-new food processor my mom just gave us.

Some days I feel like I might be an 85 year-old woman. New aches & pains everyday. Last night I started getting a terrible shoulder pain in both shoulders. Possibly from sewing, I guess I'm not entirely aware of my whole body during my sewing, just mostly my stomach these days. So I went to bed earlyish and slept for a few hours with a lavender shoulder pad on. I got up around 2:45am after lying awake and trying to will away my pain. There is something soothing about these wee hours of the morning/night.

Instead of trying to sleep on the couch, I started alternating the shoulder pads and went to work in the studio. A definite plus to have a workspace in our home. I created a few hang tags for the new Vagabond scarves. As well as started pinning a bunch together. Small assembly line work can be monotonous, but makes the sewing go so much faster.

I'm happy with the colors and how this first one of the season turned out. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday~


Island Travel Girl said...

I was awake, a lot, when I was pregnant and then when Max was first born. And, um, now. Yeah. I don't sleep much these days either. And the ironic part is, I love sleep !

I remember being pregnant, and standing in our kitchen at 1am frantically shoveling Cheerios in my mouth, I was STARVING and wide awake. For the next few months, you will live on a 24-hour clock. Night and day just sort of blend into one long period of time where you are awake and asleep off and on. Sleep for 4 hours, awake for 3, sleep for 2, awake for eats, you eat, everyone sleeps, baby poops, everyone takes a bath......even if it is 3am ! And you will find yourself watching old movies and infomercials. Lots of infomercials.

Hazel I can't wait to meet you !!!!!

Christopher And Tia said...

Don't lose track of those larger items that you've put away for later. We made the mistake of doing that with a couple of really adorable Eleanore outfits, and I'm still sad about it. Many vintage dresses have gone unworn :( And boy is that one cute!!

Jodi Renshaw said...

Lovely finds. Vintage dresses are simply the coolest. I find them all the time, but alas, I have a boy. We do get him the occassional vintage sport coat or hat, etc. But girls clothes were so much better back in the day.

And as always, I love your sewing style.

~ Jodi