Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Straight Talk Express Lost a Wheel...

Last night we did watch the debate. Tom Brokaw was making me uncomfortable, so I admit we were switching between that and the Rachel Zoe Project in the last hour. My favorite quote was Obama's, which is my blog title. Yesterday, after meeting with the OBGYN ((a technicality) he seemed slightly like a sociopath- who had no emotion) we stopped at the health food store. As of late, there is an Obama headquarters there, Zach stopped in to get me a button and found our next-door-neighbor manning a booth! What a small world!

Here I am at 32 weeks-wearing one of Zach's sweaters. I'm feeling a lot of back pain and shortness of breath. But, I am having good days- where although I'm tired, I can even eat a Wendy's salad and not die right after it. So progress seems to be made by using the Acacia powder.

Monday, I went to Carter's kids shop and made some exchanges of sizes. Luckily I found the same of everything- just in smaller or larger sizes, cause kids shouldn't wear fleece in June! Then I ran a few more errands (a trip to Target for a gift and yes a owl hand towel for our woodland bathroom, which I could not pass by- I did pass by the owl nightlight) and came home to tackle some much needed tidying. We rearranged furniture this weekend, so now we still have our little book nook- but it now has a super comfy rocking chair in it. I'm amazed at how much space it feels we've created.

Then I tackled making space for listed/finished products. They're usually kept in a large Rubbermaid bin, which was covered with a quilt & pillow and used as an ottoman. But with the new arrangement, that wouldn't work. So now all of my vintage sheets & pillowcases have a new home in a salvaged hat box. My overwhelming large collection of Blue fabric is living in a shelf unit on my desk and the finished products have a new bin to hang their hats. When 2 flyers for Joann's came in the mail, I had to laugh. As if I need more..

Last night I introduced Z to the website Pear Budget as well as the idea of using this envelope method from Simple Mom. So we saddled down on the couch and gave our budget a stern looking and when payday comes- I know exactly how much to take out for the envelopes. I'm feeling pretty good about it. The Simple Mom's website is so helpful- I know I've mentioned it before!

(Zach working from home on Tuesday)

(Here is the first ever hat I knitted, for Baby Hazel! It isn't quite a newborn hat, maybe infant. I had to sort of make the size/stitches up to adapt it from another pattern)

Fall is definitely here, because I started pulling out the holiday/ Christmas, winter print fabrics! I cut up about 11 coffee cuffs last night during the debate. However it is supposed to be in the 70's for the next week!
Have a great Wednesday!


Culture Vulture said...

Thanks for blogging!

goooooood girl said...

i like......

pollyanna cowgirl said...

i just signed up for PearBudget- love it! Thanks for the tip. I'm all about budgeting right now. :) is also awesome, you can hook it up to all of your accounts and shows you when you've overspent. Magic!

Loree said...

I second the rec for It's uber-handy.